How to remove black spots on laptop screen – Quick guide

What could be the best way or how to remove black spots on laptop screen? In this articles will include all the simple methods that would be definitely helpful in resolving LCD screens problems.

Before going into detailed discussion, one thing should be kept in mind that LCD screen is very delicate in fabrication so don’t believe in hearing remedies. Just go with authentic methods for your LCD screen that are discussed next.

What are blackspots?

Due to dust particles, and careless use of stylus pen, some spots are created on your laptop display over time. These particles are called black spots. They look worse if they get too much bigger.

Black spot saturation varies and its percentage of screen damage varies too. If the damage is on small scale then then you may use first 4 remedies that are discussed below.

Stuck pixel and dead pixel:

If the black spot saturation is too much high then your display need serious therapy i.e. computer software.

If there is large damage then it is called defective pixel. This pixel is of two types. Such pixels which create problem to display any picture are called stuck pixels. They stuck the picture and show only red, green and blue colors. But don’t worry. You can treat them.

Paradoxically, the pixel which produce only black color image then it is called dead pixel. They can obstruct your work if you are ardent laptop user. You may go with simple cleaning solution. But these simple cleaning solutions are not workable at least.

A certain percentage of people uses laptop, today. This number is increasing day by day. That’s why a lot of users are facing this issue of black spots on laptop display.

So, there could be simple and effective method to solve this problem. These methods do not demand any expensive treatment. Rather it include cheap and fast methods that fix the black dots.

How to remove black spots on laptop screen

What are the problems you may face due to blackspots on screen:

  • Due to accumulation of dust particles the liquid crystal in LCD screen got damage and may resulted in stuck pixel. A stuck pixel is the stage before dead pixel. You can treat stuck pixel but there is no remedy for dead pixels.
  • If the particles grow larger in size they can cause cracks and scratches in screen and the result is dead pixel( not able to treat anymore). And the dead pixel means the laptop display is permanently damaged.
  • Sometimes the black mark may change color of your screen which is very worse condition for LCD surface of course!
  • If the black spots appear on the rear of laptop display it is sign of virus infection.
  • It may cause overheating of your laptop’s LCD too due to high temperatures. And sometimes can cause broken glass.

Preventive measures before cleaning LCD screen:

  • First of out make sure that you are not plug in to power cord.
  • If your laptop is connected with any power cord i.e. internet connection then remove it.
  • Shut down your LCD system.
  • After turn off your laptop leave it open for 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Don’t put excessive force for cleaning purpose.
  • When you confirm all safety measures then it is the time to clean it of course.

6 Simple ways of cleaning laptop screen:

Use cotton swab:

One of the simplest method to remove spots is using cotton swab. Take required amount of alcohol, commonly called spirt and dip a cotton swab in it. Both material is easily available at home to fix black dots.

These are cheap one material of course. After 2 to 3 minute of dip, take the cotton swab out of alcohol and lets start cleaning your display monitor. 

Use pencil eraser:

Pencil eraser is a common rubber that everybody uses and this soft eraser is easily available in every home. What you have to do is simply take the pencil eraser and start erasing the spots.

But keep in mind screen is delicate. So, you have to use the mild pressure on display. You don’t need to put force for cleaning. 

Use damp paper towel:

Soft Microfiber cloth is one of the commonly solution to black spots. Take a microfiber cloth for example a small damp cloth( towel) that is easy to handle. Take normal warm water and dip the microfiber in it for 4 to 5 minutes.

After complete soaking of small cloth, rinse it. Now, this microfiber is ready to clean the black spots of the laptop display. Gently apply pressure with soft cloth on display monitor.

Use soft dry cloth:

Before using soft dry cloth it should be clear that this is workable only when your laptop screen have small dust particles and you think that this dry cloth would be an enough remedy to fix black spots.

Using small cloth is very quick method if the black spots are in normal size and you have surety that simple cleaning will be workable. It May give you effective results. So, put enough pressure while adopting this method.

If you are facing problem of large black spots and you are trying to clean faulty pixels then only soft dry cloth is not workable. You have to pick one of the above discussed method for effective results.

How to remove black spots on laptop screen

Use laptop cleaning kit:

As the things changes with time, methods get more advance too. Ready made laptop cleaning kits are easily available in the market. You can use them without any hesitation.

Moreover, the purpose of their introduction is that users get handy method for this physical damage. The kit include a mist spray and some handy tools. If you are ardent laptop user then you must have this kit.

The kit include all the instructions that how to use it. So that it become easy for you that how to use it. You must read all the instructions before using them.

Use pixel fixer software:

This pixel fixer software is actually designed to locate the stuck or dead pixels on laptop’s screen. If the computer screen is damaged to a great extend that you need to find out dead or stuck pixels, then you must use pixel software.

Sometimes it happens that there is too much pressure on laptop screen which resulted in bigger screen damage. So, to fix stuck or dead pixels you must use this free software.

Use jscreen fix:

If your device has a physical damage and you want to fix it within 10 minute and want it free of cost too.

Then you should move toward jscreen fix. It could be another effective way to treat dark spots. The diagnostic test proves that this jscreen can repair the pixels.

Benefits of cleaning laptop screen:

  • If you want to extend life of your laptop then you must take care of its monitor and prevent it from dark spot.
  • If you clean black spot on regular basis it helps you to improve its visually.
  • A clear monitor will decrease the glare of course and do not produces bright white light.
  • When you fix black spots ,a clean screen of laptop gives you clear vision.
  • If your laptop screen get blur it may produces vision issues.
  • Moreover a dirty screen would definitely produces leftover marks which would proves disastrously results.


All the remedies discussed above are the best and practical solution to broken pixel and defective pixels on laptop screen. These methods are commonly adopted by peoples too, in daily life.

It is easy to clean dust particles but not so much from a laptop screen. That’s why such authentic methods are developed to guide you people. This is the most demanding topic that people usually search for cleaning LCD panel.  

So, if you are searching for surface blemishes cleaning method then these method would be an enough information for you people. Of course!

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