How to factory reset a Lenovo laptop without a password

Are you locked out of your Lenovo laptop and cannot remember the password? Do not worry – there is an easy way to reset it back to its factory settings, so you do not have to start over.

Whether plagued by viruses or just general user errors, personal and business laptops can quickly get bogged down over time – but with our tutorial, using the built-in Lenovo laptop Windows utility tools, getting access to a system will not be as difficult as some may think!

This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to factory reset a Lenovo laptop without a password.

What to do before factory resetting a Lenovo laptop without a password:

Before attempting to factory reboot a pc without knowing the password, it is essential to back up all documents, photos, and other important information by transferring them to an external hard drive or USB stick.

By doing this, none of the data will be lost during the reboot process. It is also wise to uninstall any recently installed license programs that may have been linked to the pc because they may not be compatible with the changes made in a factory reset.

Running an antivirus scan can help ensure that any existing security breaches are identified before conducting the reboot. While taking these precautionary steps may seem tedious, they can save valuable time and effort if overlooked beforehand.

Best way to reset your Lenovo laptop without a password:

Please backup your personal information from any external hard drive or USB flash drive before you begin resetting. This process erases every file on your pc. To save important information, it is recommended to utilize MiniTool Shadow Maker.

This software is simple and stable for the Windows XP partitions backup and a corresponding restore. The free trial version of Shadow maker is available here. We will walk you through factory rebooting a computer without a password.

How to factory reset a Lenovo laptop without a password

Reset Lenovo laptop on startup:

In most situations, a computer can easily reboot the settings on Windows 10 by launching recovery options within the Settings app. I am sure it is safe for someone reading it as they cannot use their computer.

Let us see how to reset the Lenovo notebook using the Windows startup option on windows 10.

Visit the options screen (aka Advanced startup options screen). On the Windows 10 Signup Screen, click the Power and mouse buttons.

Via Lenovo one key recovery:

If you want to reboot your Lenovo pc, one of the easiest ways to do so is by using the Lenovo One Key Recovery tool. This handy feature provides an easy and secure way to reset your laptop with just a few simple steps.

Turn off your computer and press the relevant “One Key Recovery” button to enter the recovery environment; depending on your model, this might be outlined in blue or look like a circular arrow.

Then select the “system recovery” option from the menu and accept all further instructions from the windows password reboot disk. Once done, you can reboot your pc with a new factory-reset version of Windows, ready for reuse!

Via boot screen:

Factory resetting a computer can be arduous, especially when you do not have an administrator password. With a few easy steps, anyone can factory reboot via the boot screen even without the password.

  • First, Power on your laptop and press F11 repeatedly until the boot menu appears. Once the Advanced Boot Options appear, select Troubleshoot > Reset this PC option.
  • When presented with Restore or Remove everything choices, I choose to Remove Everything and then remove my files too quickly, so I reset the Lenovo laptop to factory defaults without erasing all user data.
  • Click Reboot and wait for the laptop to finish resetting. With these steps, you will have completed a factory reboot of your Lenovo Laptop without needing a password!

Via DVD/USB bootable drive:

You can reboot a pc without a password by booting your system via DVD or USB drive. To factory reset the computer, turn off the Power on the laptop and insert a Windows installation disc or a USB flashing drive.

Then, turn on the laptop and press F2 immediately to access the BIOS settings menu. Once in the BIOS settings menu, you can select ‘Boot from CD/DVD-ROM’ as your first boot device.

You will then see the Setup Menu and can follow the instructions to erase all data while keeping any installed software intact. Once complete, you can reboot your pc with its factory settings, and no password is required.

Via reset this PC in WinRE:

Resetting the pc to its factory settings is essential when you want to erase all of your data and start over with a new system. The process is quite simple since Windows 10 includes a built-in recovery environment called Reset This PC in WinRE that steps users through the entire process without requiring a password.

All one needs to do is open up WinRE, click on “Reboot this PC,” and then choose either the Keep My Files or Remove Everything options, which will reset all settings while either keeping or removing files.

After finishing these steps, the user will be left with a fully functioning pc back in its factory condition, allowing them to start anew.

How to factory reset a Lenovo laptop without a password

How to factory reset Lenovo laptop with Novo button:

Resetting a Lenovo pc windows password with the Novo button is an essential step in restoring your device’s factory settings. It takes only a few simple steps to complete.

Locate the Novo button menu on your laptop (usually found near the power button). Turn off your laptop and press the Novo button for around five seconds.

A prompt should appear, allowing you to select different restore options. Depending on the type of reset desired, follow the instructions to restore your pc to its pristine, original state.

Afterward, you can make any personal modifications necessary with peace of mind that all unwanted data has been removed from your laptop.


Whether you are looking to return your Lenovo pc to its factory settings for troubleshooting purposes, maintenance, or to start fresh with a clean system, there are several options.

You can use the Windows settings menu to quickly and easily reset your device, or you can create recovery media using the Microsoft website and use the recovery mode to perform a more in-depth reset. No matter which method you choose, resetting your Lenovo pc will help you to get the most from your system and enjoy a smooth, error-free computing experience.


What is a factory reset, and why do I need to perform it?

Factory reset is a process that returns your pc to its original settings and clears all user data from the device. This can be helpful if your system is running slowly or displaying errors, as resetting will return it to its original state and system recovery process without any leftover issues or data from previous use.

How do I factory reset my Lenovo laptop using the Windows 10 settings menu?

To reboot your pc using the Windows settings menu, start by opening the Settings app and navigating to Update & Security > Recovery. Next, click “Get Started” under Reset this PC to begin the process.

You will then be able to choose to either keep or remove your data and settings, as well as which apps you wish to reinstall. After following the on-screen instructions, your system will be reset and ready for use.

How do I factory reset my Lenovo laptop using the recovery media?

To factory reboot your laptop using the recovery media, you must create a Windows installation disc or USB flash drive by downloading the appropriate files from the Microsoft website. Once you have your recovery media, please insert it into your laptop and turn it on.

You should see an option to either “Use another operating system” or “Windows RE (Recovery Environment).

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